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Quick Tips to Sell Your Land Like a Pro

On January 30, 2018 /

Quick Tips To Sell Your Land

Tips to sell your land like a pro

Use video content to sell your land

In the world of easy access to endless amounts of information and media, videos seem to be getting the most attention. It’s much easier for someone to visualize themselves on the property if they can see a video that gives a brief tour of it. Nowadays everything seems to be bought and sold online and land is no exception there are plenty of ways to sell your land online and there are plenty of buyers out there that are looking to buy land using online resources of at least starting their search online. If you can take your buyer to the property without them getting in their car of traveling long distance then the better your chances are of selling your land.

Know the land you’re selling

If you’re looking to sell your land, know as much as you can about the property before listing it. Check the county records and gather the zoning information, tax information, and just about anything else you can find. Having this information available when you sell your land will allow you to list more information about the property as well as answer any questions that your potential buyers may have. Informed buyers are in a better position to buy land and it will make it much easier for them to make the decision to buy your land when they know what they are getting. One common trend with many of the land listings online is they don’t take the time to create a proper listing and leave out even the most basic information someone would want to know. If you want to sell your land fast and to get a fair offer for it it’s all about the way you present the property.

Get people’s attention

When selling land, as is the case with any type of real estate, exposure is everything. Getting more eyeballs on your property is the best way to sell any land property. This is especially true when it comes to rural land, where there is not a huge local market for properties. You will likely find a land buyer that is out of the area or potentially even out of state. This again comes back to creating quality content so your potential buyer can make a decision without having to actually see the property in person. Video footage, photos, and a compelling description of the property goes a long way in making a land buyer feel comfortable with making a purchase even if that property is being bought sight unseen, which is often the case with rural land that is sold online. Once you’ve got yourself a solid listing the next step is getting that information distributed to as many places where people can see it as possible. Post your property on the various land listing websites that exist such as landwatch, post your property on social media sites, classifieds, and if you have video footage you can even post the land your selling on youtube.

These are just a few quick tips on how to sell your land like a pro. Getting a fair price for your land is a matter of putting in the time and energy to create a solid listing and to get it in front of you target land buyer. There a number of resources that exist online that can help aid you in selling your land. Familiarizing yourself with your market is the first step in selling your land, see what good and bad listings look like and make sure yours looks as good or better than other properties on the market and make sure your information and description is answering the right questions.