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Tips for Making Your Vacant Land Easier to Sell 

On September 24, 2018 /

Tips for Making Your Vacant Land Easier to Sell

How to make selling your land easier

When you’re trying to sell your land nothing does a better job of a killing a potential sale than having your land buyer visit your property only to see a bunch of old cars, a junked trailer, overgrown roads, or trash from the past owner laying around the land they want to buy.

Make a good first Impression on Your Land Buyer 

It is said that the first impression last forever and this statement holds true for land you want to sell. Surroundings with junk and trash leave a negative impact on the mind of the buyer when he/she shows up to inspect to the property. A rusty gate, brushy roads and scattered trash around will dissuade anyone interested in buying your land. Removing trash and cleaning up the entry roads to the property leaves a good impression in the heart of the buyer and may be the difference in selling your land fast or waiting years for it to sell.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

It is expected that land that hasn’t been maintained in a while will have some work here and that should be expected to some extent by the buyer. No one likely expects your land for sale to be flawless. All you need to do is take a look around and observe the simple things that can be done to give it a more attractive look. Here is a quick rundown of this that will help. Check if you can apply them on the land you want to sell.

1. Employ someone to mow your roads and sidewalks
Weed and grasses grow quickly when the weather is warm and when it is rainy. It is therefore important to keep the growth in control before things get out of control. Make sure you follow the principles of where and when to mow if your land is registered in any USDA program.

2. Clean up the trash
Sounds easy right? Yes but is commonly overlooked by many. Now people don’t see anything wrong with dumping nylons and used papers on other’s property. It is a criminal and shameful act. And it is a pity that the responsibility of clearing the trash lies solely on the landowner. You may need to clear away trash and debris from wood splitting. It is also advisable to do this if you want to sell your property. Plastic containers lying around your compound isn’t a pleasing view to the eyes.

3. Kill the wasps and fix the gate
Many rural properties we sell have gates as their primary access point. A well-maintained gate doesn’t only give your agent easy access to your property; it is also important for the security and appearance to buyers. Wasp love to have their nest in lock hole of metal gates. If people will be using the gate when they come around for inspection. Dumping boiling water on their nests can be a cheap and effective way to get rid of them as it can kill them and destroy their nest.  eliminate them. I strongly advise this because nobody wants to be chased around by a stinging wasp. Just make sure to

4. Organize around the buildings and barns
If an improvement or development is in progress on your property, make sure everything is kept neat and orderly around the house, camp, shed and barns. It may not be up to perfection but having all the supplies and tools neatly lined up back in their shelves appeals to the eyes of the buyers.

5. Prune off the main roads and trails
If your agent is coming with a buyer to see your property, make sure they can easily navigate their way around your road and rails by trimming off unnecessary outgrowth.

6. Remove old cars and trailers 
While this one may cost you a few dollars in some cases it can go along way in getting a deal done and selling your land fast and for a better price. In the case of an old trailer or car that is decent shape sometimes you can get someone to come out a pick it up for free by placing a for free ad in on of the local classifieds or craigslist for your area. As land buyers, we run across a number of properties that we pass up because there are junked out cars or things we’d have to deal with removing in order to sell or use the property. Having those things removed before you market the property may be what it takes to sell your land fast and get a better price for it when it comes time to get a deal done.

Always look at your estate with fresh and critical eyes to note the kind of first-impression it can give a potential land buyer. It is a lovely feeling when you drive through a property with a promising buyer and hear them exclaim about its beauty from the start.

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