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Selling Vacant Lots

On May 28, 2019 /

Sell Vacant Lots

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Do you have a vacant lot you want to sell? Then you might be able to get yourself some easy cash. Selling vacant lots is easier than ever before, thanks to the presence of companies and individual investors who are ready to buy your land.

Vacant Land…..Sort of 

Some vacant lots are truly vacant. In other words, there are no buildings or other structures there. That’s great for you because you don’t have to absorb the cost of maintaining any buildings that might be on the property.

However, some buyers purchase “vacant” lots sight unseen, only to find out that they actually have abandoned structures on them, such as dilapidated homes, old storage sheds, mobile homes, barns and so forth.

In some cases, the old structures have become a public eyesore, and can even incur fines for city code violations. If you keep the land, you may be eventually forced to demolish these structures, which is costly. If these old buildings are presenting a major problem for you, it’s time to sell.

Even if you have a completely vacant lot, in terms of the property being free of any buildings, there are times when it’s best to just let it go. If you’re not doing anything with it, then consider putting it up for sale. Someone else could use the land, and you could use the cash.

Who wants to own a Vacant Lot anyway?? 

You may be thinking that nobody wants your vacant lot, especially if it’s in an urban area. Who wants a small, vacant lot jammed up against several different businesses in a big city?

The businesses next door might, maybe the inventor of commercial properties in the area is low, of it’s become cheaper to develop a new property then buy what’s currently on the market.

The same is true of residential properties. Do you own a vacant lot between two houses? Then try selling it to the owners of either house before putting it on the market. You might have an easy sale on your hands.

Rural lots can be sold to neighboring landowners, urban families wanting to escape the city, farmers and plenty of others.

And then there are online investors who are willing to buy vacant lots, and some of them make the process even simpler by absorbing the legal fees. When you sell this way, it’s easier on you, because you don’t have to market the land yourself or file legal documents. You just fill out an online form and receive an offer on your property, a process that could take years in some cases if the property is listed in a slow market.

Selling Vacant Land

Vacant lots are attractive to buyers because once you own one, you can put anything there that local laws will permit. They can be great spots for farmland, commercial enterprises, housing, storage, recreation and more.

But there’s a time to let things go, and that includes your property. If a lot has been in your possession for decades, but nothing has ever been done with it, then it’s probably time to turn it over to someone else who will make good use of it.

Vacant lots are appealing to the imaginative buyer because they have so many possibilities. Some investors even specialize in vacant lots because it is a niche sector of real estate that can be profitable for those who have the experience needed and want to put in the extra work needed to buy and sell land.

Keep it Simple

The simplest way to sell land, especially a small lot, is to find a land purchasing company online. Be sure to find one that will handle the deed filing for you. This is the easiest way to make a quick sale, although you can also sell properties at online auctions, live auctions, through classified ads, or face-to-face.

If your lot has an old structure on it, just be sure to mention that when you’re trying to sell it. Whether it’s a caved-in trailer or a demolished doghouse, just be upfront about what’s really on the land.

If there are no buildings present, all the better since there’s nothing for either you or the buyer to raze or rebuild. The property is a blank slate, ready for whatever developments the owner has in mind.

That’s why vacant lots may be appealing to the right type of buyer. 

If you own vacant property that you don’t currently have any use for, put it up for sale, and see how quickly you can convert it into cash.