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On October 6, 2014 /

Sell Your Land For Cash

Have you tried selling your land and found it to be difficult? Things to consider when selling your land.

When people make the decision that they have land that they want to sell. They are presented with a few options and depending on how soon they’d like to sell the property and the price they are willing to take the options for selling your land may be very different. Here are a few options to consider when selling your land.

Going the conventional route and listing it with a local broker

This seems to be the first thing that people wanting to sell their land consider. It’s seemingly common knowledge that when you have real estate that you want to sell the first thing you do is find a local broker that can list the property for you.

Some advantages of selling your land this way is that it makes the process easier. You have a professional that will create a listing, sometimes photograph the property and get you listed on the MLS. They will also be involved in handling closing which helps simplify the process if you don’t have any experience dealing with real estate.

The draw back of selling land this way as most people who are trying to sell their land fast will find is that local brokers often only have access to local buyers and in many cases don’t spend as much time marketing your property as they do houses due to the lower commissions being offered on land sales.

With your land property on the back burner it can often take years before the right set of eyes stumble upon your property, which is even more so the case in rural areas where there are not a lot of exposure.

Even with fairly desirable property it can take up to a year before you receive your first offer.

Finding Cash Buyers

Another challenge in selling your land for cash is that there are a lack of all-cash buyers. Acquiring financing for land from banks can be difficult which forces buyers to have cash on hand in order to buy your land.

Depending on your asking price it can be difficult to find buyers who have the cash to buy your land. Many sellers are forced to sell there property by offering some kind of owner financing arrangements which means you might be able to get a higher asking price but also means you have to deal with collecting payments every month for in most cases years.

Since homes and most other forms of real estate involve bank financing it is much easier to find buyer who can afford purchase prices that only require 5-2o% down.

Selling your land to a wholesale cash buyer

Easy Way to Sell Land

What we offer here at www.easylandsell.com are all cash offers on land at what are considered competitive wholesale prices. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to sell you land. All you have to do is submit your property information to us using our “get a cash offer form”  and we will research your property and make you a cash offer for your land if it’s a property we are interested in.

We’ll handle the closing and we work with reputable local title companies in the county your property is located. We also handle all the paperwork and any additional work that is necessary to transfer the property.

We’ll even work with you to help resolve title issues that would otherwise make your property unsaleable. There is no wanting we usually close in less than 30 days and you’ll receive cash for your land.

The trade off with this approach is that you will receive less than market value for the land, which usually ends up being the case anyway going a more conventional route.

If your interested in receiving a no obligation cash offer for your land fill out our Get an Offer Form or give us a call at 888-393-9843.