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Land Research and How We Determine Cash Offer Amounts

On October 2, 2014 /

How We Research Land and Determine Our Cash Offers for Land

I’ve had some questions and phone calls lately about getting more information about our land buying process. The first step of the process that I will cover in this post is how we go about researching your land and how we determine the amount we can offer for your land.

The first thing that happens when you submit your land information to us is we create a property profile so that we can begin gathering the information about your land. The more information about the land that we are able to obtain from the buyer the less information we’ll need to find in order to determine if the land is something that we’d be interested in making a cash offer and the amount of that offer.

Once we have the basic information we need such as the land owner’s name or names on title, state, county, and parcel ID we can begin a search to see what information that county provides online. In many cases the county will have some property information available online such as land values, tax information, and if we’re lucky GIS information that shows the property location.

How We Research Land

If the county doesn’t have basic parcel information online than our first step is to contact that county by email and phone. The next and most important step is determining the exact location of the property and it’s boundaries. If the county doesn’t have GIS information or GPS locations available we will need to rely on a plat map, which we would obtain one of two ways. We’d either need to order one from the county or have it provided to us by the land owner.  Some counties can take a few weeks to send us maps of the land so it’s very helpful if the land owner can provide one to us.

Once we have all the information that we need to determine an exact location and things like road access (very important) and distance from utilities, nearby homes, etc., we are able to begin determining an estimated land value. The first step in determining the value of the land is to research comparable properties listed in the area and to try to obtain recent sales data. When this information isn’t available or complete we may reach out to the land owner to have them provide more information as to what they feel the property is worth based on their knowledge of the property and the area the land is located.

Once we have determined a value for the land we are interested in buying are able to decide what we can offer. We are a wholesale cash land buyer so our prices are less than full local asking prices but are competitive with wholesale cash offers and buyers.

The more complete the information we receive from the land owner and the more they can provide with plat maps, copies of tax bills, and deeds the easier the research process is. Some counties are very slow in sending maps and documents so it’s always a huge help when the land owner can provide those documents as much information as possible

I hope this helps add some more insight into how our process works.

Do you have some land that you want to sell? Let us make you a cash offer! You can fill out our land information form or give us a call at  888-393-9843

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