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How to Sell Your Land in Oregon – Tips to Sell Land in Oregon

On June 23, 2018 /

How To Sell Your Land in Oregon

Sell Land in Oregon

Are you looking to sell land in Oregon? There’s good news: People from all over are looking for properties in an area that is both rural and close to community amenities, just like much of the land in Oregon. When people buy land in Oregon, most of the time they’re looking for something that allows them to connect with the great outdoors while still keeping them close to everything the Beaver State has to offer. Have some land to sell? Follow these basic guidelines to get your property to the right buyers.


Know Your Product

Just like in any other situation where you’re selling something, having a deep understanding of your product is key. Selling land is the same way. You must first understand the very basics of your land (size, location, property lines, zoning guidelines) to sell it to the most qualified buyers. In Oregon, several different types of zoning codes will help you (and your buyers) understand the purpose of the land. According to PortlandOregon.gov:

“There are several types of zoning regulations that may affect a property. You will need to research all of these regulations to determine what is allowed on your property.

Base Zones – All properties within the City of Portland have a base zone. There are residential zones, commercial zones, and employment and industrial zones.

Overlay Zones – Some properties have overlay zones that consist of regulations that address specific subjects in particular areas in the City. For example, the design overlay is applied to areas where design and neighborhood character are of special concern.

Plan Districts – Some areas of the City are located within plan districts that may have additional regulations that can impact a project.

Other Zoning Requirements – Some uses and development types have additional regulations that apply. For example, school uses or parking lots have additional regulations that apply.”

Having a clear understanding of what the land can and can’t be used for will help you market it in a way that reaches the right buyers.


Know Your Audience

Once you know what your property can be used for, you’ll know the types of buyers you need to attract. Knowing your audience gives you a step up in the marketing department, and could mean the difference between a quick, profitable sale and a long drawn out one. When you know your audience, you can create custom marketing tactics that will appeal directly to them. A vague, cookie-cutter marketing strategy will attract a variety of different buyers. This sounds good until you’re spending all of your time sifting through buyers who are looking for something totally different than what you’re selling. Focused, personalized marketing strategies will help weed out the unqualified buyers and attract the ones who could be a serious, potential sale.

However, being too personalized in your advertising could also backfire. You don’t want to narrow down your audience so much that your pool of interested buyers dwindles down to nothing. A happy medium will ensure that the inquiries you do get are worth following up on and that you’re spending your time marketing to the right people


Set The Price

One of the biggest mistakes Oregon land sellers make is that they set the price too high. Whether they set their price based on their own emotional attachment to the property or they are just trying to get the most for their land, sellers tend to set the price way too high and scare off interested buyers. Setting the price for land in Oregon is tough for a few reasons

There’s no property to see. There aren’t bedrooms or pools or upgraded kitchens to “wow” buyers and add to the value of the land. The land is how it is and there’s not much to compare it to. When buying a home, it’s easy to find similar homes in the area to compare prices. But with land, you don’t have the same type of market to compare to. 

Different factors play a significant role in how much a land is worth. Zoning regulations play a big part in setting the price point for a property. A property zoned for residential buildings may be worth more than land that is zoned for recreational use. The value may change based on whether the property is designated as residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use etc. It’s important to do a “highest and best use” analysis to get a clear idea of what the land can be used for and how to price it accordingly. Other factors to consider are things like utilities and road access which can be a huge factor in what you can reasonably ask for land your looking to sell. 


Master The Marketing

When the target audience is clear and the price is set, it’s time to get the word out. Many sellers choose to sell their homes online, as it allows them to reach more people and is quick and easy. If you can, design your own website to advertise your lot and share it with friends, family, and social media. This allows you to feature your land without paying the big sites a fee. Your marketing campaign should include maps and pictures (click here for great tips on vacant land photography) and a catchy and clear description to attract the readers.

But before you start marketing to strangers, take a stroll over to your neighbors and see if they have any interest in buying your land. You’d be surprised at how many landowners in Oregon would be more than willing to buy your lot to expand their own. This would cut down on marketing time and expenses and get the lot sold quickly.

Work With The Pros

If you’re busy with work and family and life, it may make more sense for you to leave all of these details up to the pros. Working with a licensed and professional real estate agent can help you navigate the tricky world of selling vacant land, and their extensive network will help to find qualified buyers quickly. Of course, you’ll have to add their services to the budget, but paying a little more for a solid and fast sale is worth it to many sellers. Working with realtors makes the process of selling your land easier but also comes with potential drawbacks

If your next big life adventure is dependant on the sale of your Oregon property, it’s time to get focused and get this property sold. Doing the research, educating yourself on the market and seeking help from seasoned sellers are the first steps in a profitable sale. Be prepared to practice patience, as selling land can take some time. But there is a market for what you have, and with a little bit of persistence, you’ll have your land sold in no time.

If selling your land in Oregon seems like a hassle you’d like to avoid or are looking for a fast and easy sale that can be completed online, we can help you get a fast all-cash offer for your land now. Our online land buyers make selling your land in Oregon a breeze.