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Five Reasons You Should Sell Your Land Now

On June 3, 2019 /

Sell Your Land Now

Sell your land now

There are a number of good reasons to sell your land now. Many people have inherited, or once invested in, a land property they’re not even using.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you have a great opportunity to turn your land into cash.

Set Your Own Terms

 The age of internet selling has granted people outside of the real estate, marketing, and sales industries a variety of options for selling land.

Conventional wisdom once demanded that only licensed real estate sales professionals can sell properties. But now, everybody’s selling land, and so can you.

If you’re new to land sales, you can get started by requesting an estimate from a company that buys land and closes the deal fast, while also handling the legal issues. After your initial query, the company will contact you with an offer for your land, which you can accept or reject.

There are other ways to sell your land, too — online auctions, live auctions, classified ads, fixed price websites and more.

There’s no better time than now for selling your land.

You’re Not Using the Land Anyway

Let’s say that you, like so many others, own a vacant lot, rural property or another real estate that you’re not currently using.

How many more years are you going to wait for “someday” to arrive before cashing in on it?

If you’re thinking of leaving your land to family members in your will, make sure they really want it. Land is put up for sale every day by people who inherited property but couldn’t care less about it.

Perhaps you inherited an unwanted piece of land. Let’s say that you live, work and own a home in Los Angeles. Then, you learn that your uncle, who you’ve only seen three times in your life, has willed you a one-acre lot in rural North Dakota. Seriously, what are you going to do with that?

Maybe you once invested in a vacant lot, thinking you’d eventually settle there — but you didn’t. And you know deep down in your heart that you never will.

There are plenty of reasons to sell your land. Everybody needs cash, but not everybody needs, or wants, a random piece of real estate.

Let Someone Else Develop It

There’s a good chance that your property, especially if you haven’t bothered visiting it in years, is becoming a public eyesore.

While you sit there thinking that maybe you’ll sell that land someday, it’s probably being covered with saplings, weeds, litter and even junk from illegal dumping. If somebody has dumped certain items on your land without your knowledge, you now own an environmental hazard.

If your property is within city limits, even a small city, you could end up saddled with code violations for unkempt land, which can involve court appearances and fines.

Why risk it? 

There may also be people who own property adjoining yours who wish every day that you’d put it up for sale, so they can add that property to their own holdings.

Sell it to them. Sell it to anybody. By doing so, you may even help improve a neighborhood, farm or wilderness area.

 If Not Now, When?

 Time flies. Ditch that passing thought that you’ll eventually sell your property at some hazy, unknown date in the future. Thinking, rather than acting, can easily turn into months, years and even decades of procrastination.

You don’t have time for that.

Start looking for ways to sell your land today. Think of the extra money you’ll get from it.

Invest in Something You Love

Take that unwanted property and turn it into cash. Maybe you don’t want the property, but you do want a boat, a vacation, or even a different piece of land. Selling can help you put the cash toward something you really care about.

Ask yourself honestly: Do you love that piece of property? Do you dream daily about moving onto it, improving it and keeping it in your family for generations?

If not, then you might as well sell it, and put the resulting funds toward something that actually matters.

People cling to unwanted land for sentimentality, procrastination and a host of other reasons, but a land property is really just like anything else you own:

If you’re not using it, and don’t plan on using it……sell it