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Buying and Selling Land – An Overlooked Investment Strategy

On December 17, 2017 /

Real Estate Investing

When people think about real estate investing they typically focus their attention towards buildings such as single family homes, multi-family apartment buildings, often overlooking the potential that exists in buying and selling land.

Selling land like any investment comes with its challenges however there are a number of benefits and rewards that come from buying and selling land.

One of the biggest challenges in selling land comes from having to find the right land buyer which requires getting exposure to your property. If you are looking to sell your land you’ll need to find ways to get eyeballs on your property which means you’ll need to find as many places to list and advertise your property as possible.

There are a number of land listing sites such as landwatch.com, landandfarm.com, and you can use classified listing sites such as craigslist as well. These sites have the potential to get you some interested leads, however, may not be enough in and of themselves.

Other resources for getting exposure to your property include creating Youtube videos, and listing and posting about your property on Facebook.

The second challenge in finding the right buyer comes from finding a funding source for your buyer. It can be difficult to find bank financing for land which means you’d either need to find an all cash buyer or would need to offer some form of owner financing.

Owner financing land is not an ideal scenario for most land sellers, however, can serve as a means of cash flowing land and makes land a great investment for those that are looking to buy and sell land.

Benefits of Buying and Selling Land

Despite the inherent difficulties in marketing and selling land. Land can provide you with a stable source of income without the competition and capital required to buy residential and multi-family real estate. There are a number of pros to land investments.

One of the main benefits of buying and selling land is that there are no maintenance and very few costs involved in holding the property which eliminates much of the risk and hassle associated with buildings. There is no need to worry about your property being damaged or requiring expensive repairs and maintenance, and there is no need to manage or pay for someone to manage the property.

Another benefit of buying and selling land is that there are a lot of motivated sellers. There are a number of people who don’t want to spend the time and energy involved in putting together a good listing, getting photos, and spending the time to advertise, and handle leads. This offers some great deals on land and the opportunity to capitalize on that investment by putting in the work to sell the property at a profit.

In the case of owner financing, you can increase the margins and additionally collect interest on those margins which provides the opportunity to create a cash flow positive investment for land investors.

Buying and selling land is not without its challenges, however, can provide an excellent often overlooked investment for someone looking to spend the time and energy required to market and get exposure to their property.

Buying and selling land provides a niche market without the competition you’d expect to find in a more traditional real estate market.