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10 Tips for Selling Land

On June 9, 2020 /

10 Tips for Selling Your Land 

Tips for Selling Land

Selling land is easier than ever before, thanks to the ability to sell quickly online. The following provides some valuable insight to consider when attempting to market and sell land.

  1. Determine How Much Time You Have

    One of the first things to figure out is how much time you’re willing to invest in marketing and selling land. Depending on the answer, it will help determine what method and tactic best suits you.

    Do you want this sale wrapped up as soon as possible, or are you willing to invest more time and energy, and are you able to wait it out?

    How Long Does It Take To Sell Land

    If it’s a fast sale you’re looking for, then there are land purchasing websites that offer those services. There are also internet auctions. While these options may not provide you with the highest price possible, they are fast, easy, and effective means for selling land fast.

    If you have more time, you might consider using a real estate professional. If you do, though, don’t expect a fast offer. You may be waiting around for a while when you could’ve sold your land more quickly online.

  2. Clean It Up

    If you’re selling land, make it look like something that people actually want to buy. Get rid of the rusted cars, the junk in the yard, old toys from your kids who are now in college, fallen tree branches, and so forth.

    Consider the potential buyer’s viewpoint. If you were seeing your land for the first time in its present condition, would you consider buying it?

    If not, get busy.

  3. No House? No Problem!

    Some people worry that their property might be hard to sell if there’s no house on it. No need to worry!

    There’s a steady market for vacant lots. In fact, there are online companies specializing in vacant properties, and they’re willing to offer quick cash.

    Empty land can be attractive to clients wanting to build a new house, park trailer, or place a storage unit on the property. They might use the land for a farm or garden, a small business, or even keep the area mostly clear for hunting.

    Not all buyers are looking for a house.

  4. Check the Mail 

    This may seem strange, but if you have a piece of land, don’t be surprised if you’re contacted out of the blue about a possible sale.

    Generally, land purchases are a matter of public record. A mailing address is part of that record. Land buyers might send you letters with questions about or offers for your property.

    If this happens, do some internet detective work to find out if the company or person is reputable. They should never ask for money upfront, and they should be willing to use a third-party title company or real estate attorney.

    Proceed with caution, but don’t dismiss mail offers. They do happen and can result in a sale.

  5. Have Documentation Ready

    Do you know where the deed to your property is? If not, find it. Scan it so it can be sent to others digitally.

    This mostly applies in the case of online auctions. Some buyers will insist upon knowing that you are the actual legal owner of the land. If you can provide documentation in the form or a deed or tax bill, it can help your buyer feel at ease before entering into a sale.

    Always be prepared to prove that you are the legal owner of the property.

  6. Market to your Niche Audience 

    If your land has appeal to a niche market, make sure and highlight that aspect of the property when you advertise.

    Live near a golf course or tennis court? Try posting an ad on a clubhouse bulletin board. If you have hunting land, try placing an ad in on a site with hunting properties. Is your property near a house of worship? Someone active in the congregation may want it.

    Sports, camping, clubs, and other specialized interests and hobbies have markets all their own–markets you can tap into for possible buyers.

  7. Quit Worrying About Quitclaims

    Some buyers and sellers convey properties with quitclaim deeds, which is just one of the several different types of deeds used to convey land (or interest in land) from one party to another legally.

    There are scare stories about potential fraud with quitclaim deeds, including scam artists selling land they don’t own.

    If you trust your seller or buyer, a quitclaim deed might be something to consider. Do your due diligence, whether buying or selling land, and make sure to run a title report to make sure there is clear title to the property.

    If you’re selling with an online land purchasing company that uses quitclaims, check the company’s reviews and track record. Ask questions. No reputable company will shy away from questions. If you’re satisfied with the results, don’t be afraid to make a deal, and again research title, it will help prevent getting burned down the road.

  8. Get Neighborly

    Before selling your land, check with others who already own surrounding properties. There’s a chance they might want to add your property to their holdings. Don’t be afraid to knock on doors, put notes into mailboxes, or generally ask around.

  9. Where’s Your Sign? 

    Putting for sale sign on your land may seem obvious, but many people don’t think about trying it.

    Stick a “For Sale” sign on the property.

    If you’re close enough to do it or can task someone, put a sign on the land and your phone number and email address. Make sure the writing is legible and doesn’t smudge in the rain.

    Real estate agents aren’t the only people who can stick a sign on a piece of property. You never know who’s looking, and it’s an inexpensive way to let the public know you’re willing to sell.

  10. Mix it Up

    If one method of selling doesn’t work out, try a different one. Tactics that work for selling one piece of property might not work for another.

    If the online auction didn’t get results, try a different auction service–or forget about auctions for now. If a free online ad didn’t work for you, maybe a paid one in your local newspaper will.

If you’re tired of waiting for results, you might want to get a free quote from an online land company.

Try using different types of advertising, lowering your asking price, or taking any other steps to reach the right buyer.

Remain open to trying various methods of selling your land and realize that land sales can be a slow process. If you’re looking for a faster sale that doesn’t require as much effort, we can help.

All we need are a few items of information and can provide you with an all-cash offer. Follow this link to get an offer now.