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Do you no longer have use for your land?

Would you simply like some cash for your land?

Are you tired of wasting money on taxes and dues?

Are you not sure about how or where to sell your land?

Are you looking for a hassle free solution to selling land?

Are you tired of waiting months or years for your land to sell?


We represent an established network of land buyers who are ready to offer you cash for your land. With decades of land buying experience we make selling your land fast and simple. As a network of land buyers we have the resources to guarantee payment and can provide you with multiple interested parties ready to make you an offer.


1. We research your property

Once you provide us with a few basic pieces of information, using our simple and easy to use Sell My Land Form, we will automatically receive a copy of that information and begin our review process. Using a mixture of county assessment information, recent local sales data, and research on comparable land properties in the area, we will determine what we’d be able to offer you for your land.

2. We present you with an offer

Once we have verified that your property meets our buying criteria, we will determine an offer amount and contact you by either phone or email to discuss the offer amount.

3. We send you and agreement

Once we have come to an agreement on the sale of your property, we will prepare a basic purchase agreement. Our typical process uses a very simple and easy to use digital-signature platform to save both the time and hassle of having to send mail back and forth. Agreements will gladly be mailed to you upon request, however most people prefer the speed and simplicity of our standard process..

4. We open escrow

Once we’ve received your signed agreement, we will begin our title examination on the property. We have a large network of established title companies, real estate attorneys, and real estate title professionals that will research the title to your property and help to arrange closing. All that is required is a few signatures on your end. There is no need to travel to complete the sale. Best of all, we pay for all the costs involved and arrange everything for you! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

5. You get paid!

Once we have completed our title examination and have established that there is clear title to the property, we will coordinate with you to set up closing. A title professional will prepare the necessary documents for you to sign, notarize, and return to them. Once the signed and notarized documents are received, the agreed upon funds are distributed and you get paid! Our process is simple, straightforward, and typically takes about 2-4 weeks to complete.

The process typically takes around 2-6 weeks depending on the county, title company or attorney used for title.

Easy Land Sell Reviews/Testimonials

Fort Lupton, Colorado Martha L.

I had one other company that offered to buy our property, but they wanted us to send them $900 first. I knew Easy Land Sell was legitimate because they never asked for any money, and they paid for all closing and transfer costs. Everything went according to plan and I would definitely use them again in the future.

Browerville, Minnesota Severin B

We were very pleased with the service. Also, the escrow officer that handled the transaction and paperwork did an excellent job on it.

Hilo, Hawaii Kenyon G.

I want to give a shout out to Easy Land Sell. We just went ahead and sold our property in Oregon Shores. Worked out really smooth, the paperwork came through and I’m really happy with the service and everything went along with the sale.

Sacramento, California Larry S

I was very happy with the way things went. It moved along when it went into escrow, very quick. It came out like they said it would and we received what we agreed to. And for that, I’m very happy.

Jackson, California Donald F.

The service was great. Very fast and professional. The mobile notary was a really nice touch. If I had any more land I would do business with Easy Land Sell again.

Weston, Missouri Pedro S

It was a very simple process. Even though everything was done remotely, it was just as good as if I was standing in front of the person doing the deal. Paperwork was received really shortly after I spoke with Jake. We got it all signed, sent it back, and shortly thereafter we received the money. Everything was done very simply and it was very easy to do.

Austin, Texas Garrett G

Everything went a lot smoother than I initially imagined, from dealing with the title company to the representatives from Easy Land Sell that I spoke to. I consider myself to be a hands-off kind of guy so it was really nice not to have to talk to too many people.

Des Moines, Iowa Steve D

I spoke to Jake who was fair and honest. He did everything he said he’d do and paid the agreed upon price promptly. They took care of all the extra charges as well. It was a very smooth transaction.

Eugene, Oregon Dawn R

Honestly, the whole transaction could not go any smoother. We wanted to get rid of our land because it was becoming such a burden for us. It was relief to find out that the guys at Easy Land Sell could take it off our hands without any sort of hiccups.

Robert H

I didn’t expect the transaction to go as easily as it did. But, to my surprise, the whole process went exactly as was promised. The representatives I spoke to were professional, and did everything they said they would to the tee. Now I don’t have to think about or pay taxes for a piece of property I don’t have any use for. If I had more land to sell to them, I would most certainly use Easy Land Sell again.

Louisa, Virginia Jim A

I’ve been trying to sell my lot for many years. I submitted my information to them and they called immediately with an offer. I talked it over with my wife. She wanted a little more for the lot so we counter-offered and they accepted it right away with no bickering. All in all, everything went by without a hitch. There were no surprises.

Georgetown, CA Forrest K.

The experience of selling the land, even though I was apprehensive in the beginning, went incredibly smooth. It was just so effortless and everything was done online. I checked like a day after the last paperwork was submitted and the money was in the bank. It went smoother than I would’ve ever imagined.

Medford, OR Carolyn H.

The process went exactly as they said it would go. It went very quickly and very smooth with no hiccups in between.

Silverdale, WA Larry R

We sold another piece of property to a different company and they made us sign a bunch of forms and it was a very lengthy process. With Easylandsell, it was simple. It was a one-time thing. We signed the papers online one night and pretty much just waited for the check.

Beaverton, OR Edward G.

After several years of thinking about selling the property, I finally chose to move forward and found that the process was straightforward, there were no glitches, and happened rather quickly. I was somewhat skeptical at first but I went through with it and it all worked out.


What Information do you need to research or buy my property?

Why shouldn’t I just sell this land on my own?

Are there expenses involved in Selling my Land?

What if the title isn't clear and/or there are other names, liens, or encumbrances on the land?

What if there are back taxes or dues on my property?

What if I don't have a copy of my Deed to the Property?